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WordPress has a Links widget that can be used to add links to the menu bar or a footer.  I decided that I wanted something with more flexibility.  So I have created a Links page instead, with my home page as the parent page.

In the future, I may add more links (as I come across interesting items) or different categories of links.  For now, I am focusing on the idea that transsexualism is a birth defect.

In my previous three posts, we looked at what the Bible says about the formation of a baby in the womb, what part God plays in that and also that Satan plays a limited part in corrupting what was originally designed by God (in His image) as a perfect body template.

Hopefully, it was understood from my previous posts that it cannot be the sins of the unborn baby that cause it to be born with imperfections.  At this point, let me clarify by adding that also it is not particularly the sins of the parents. “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;” (Romans 3:23). God isn’t singling out some parents because they are sinners and sparing others because they are righteous.  Rather it is because Satan has a foothold in the world and a limited ability to cause trouble in the world.  But God still has ultimate authority, and whatever birth defects He allows, He allows for His ultimate purposes and perfect plan.

I believe that there is a place for faith in God and a place for scientific facts and evidence.  Scientific theory, hypothesis and conjecture will come and go. The field of nutrition is a great example.  I would have driven myself crazy long ago if I bounced back and forth with the prevailing opinions about eggs, wine, red meat, carbs, protein, coffee and so on.  Furthermore, theories, hypotheses and conjectures may be the majority opinion, but they are far less likely to be universally accepted in the scientific community than proven fact.

So if the Bible appears to conflict with a scientific theory, hypothesis or conjecture currently held by a majority of scientists, I do not rush or even crawl to change my understanding of the Bible.  But trusting in both an inerrant Bible and proven scientific fact, if they appear to be in conflict, I know that it must be man’s prevailing interpretation of Scripture that must be wrong, not the Bible itself.

For example, an area that put scientists in conflict with the Church (and to be honest, some earlier scientists) many centuries ago was in the area of the nature of our planet.  Any Bible verses that appeared to make the earth the center of the universe have to now be interpreted spiritually instead of physically.  And those who believed that the earth is flat ignored Isaiah 40:22 where it talks about “the circle of the earth.”

Microscopes, MRI’s, autopsy studies, microbiology, bio-engineering, genetic research, DNA research, population increase and advances in communication to share information have all led to a far greater understanding of the human body than could have been conceived of when Christine Jorgensen’s story first became public, let alone in the days the King James Bible was translated or in Biblical times. This does not mean that the Bible is incorrect.  It means that there are times when man’s interpretation has to be reexamined in the light of new evidence.

For someone like me who is a very spiritually-minded Christian, I have to attribute the hand of God as far when information came to my attention in answer to certain things I was told.

The first two instances involve the counseling I was receiving (actually more like open discussions) from my pastor.  He is a wonderful, loving, compassionate Christian with whom I still fellowship until this day.  When I first came out to him and his wife using the video provided for that purpose by Deep Stealth Productions, he admitted to me that this was something he had never examined from a theological perspective and needed to discreetly consult with someone else. That eventually led to me talking with someone who was affiliated with a church in Greenwich Village, but I later found out was also connected to Exodus International.

After one conversation with this man, I knew there was no point in any further discussion with him.  It was clear that we could not agree on basic terms.  He still clung to the vastly outdated notion that sexuality and gender are not different. (But to be fair. as recently as DSM-IV, transsexualism was still considered a subset of male homosexuality, as pointed out by a cisgender friend taking psychology courses.)

Lo and behold, a few months later, Exodus International made a totally unexpected announcement that reparitive therapy does not work and that every person who reported success eventually admitted that the feelings and desires did not go away.  I immediately recognized that if it doesn’t work for homosexuals, it certainly will not work fro transsexuals.

(As an aside, this person from Exodus told me of an ex-trans person that he was recommending I talk to.  However, I was told it might be a while because this person was away on a trip.  I would have been willing to talk to him.  But somehow, he never materialized.  Did he become ex-ex-trans?  Did they take notice of my intelligence and thought I would try to talk him into going back into living as female – something I would never do, by the way: if someone is not trans, why would I try to convince the opposite and cause the very same mind-body incongruity that I am trying to escape?  Anyway, I probably will never know, unless this person eventually reads this post and recognition ensues.)

The next time was when I mentioned a MTF transsexual I knew who had fathered a child.  My pastor’s response was that he could understand a person choosing gender transition if there was some physical gender ambiguity.  But if the person fathered a child, he was unquestionably male.  Within a month, I read the article on Stevie Crecelius to which I have posted a link.   Stevie, who been living as a female for about six years with a supportive second wife, fathered two children before learning from an ultrasound that she also had female organs inside of her and it explained the feelings she had all of her life.

More recently, when a Christian friend respectfully told me that she would not be contacting me any more, she made a statement to the effect that I could not have been born female because I was not born with a vagina.  Again, only weeks later, I came upon an article about a British teenager who had to deal with the fact that she was born without a vagina.  Furthermore, I found that this condition is not particularly rare in terms of birth defects.  MRKH (you can see the full term in the links) occurs in approximately 1 out of 4500 women. Statistically speaking, this means that in a city with the population of New York City, there would be about 900 women who were born either without or with a grossly underdeveloped vagina, cervix and uterus.  (I will be discussing this further in my next post.)

The bottom line is that the concept of gender and birth sexuality is not as cut and dried as people once believed.  As Alice Dreger discusses in the video I posted, there are XX “men” and XY “women” who develop in a body opposite their sex chromosomal norm because of insensitivity to certain hormones. (Note: the video appears to be suddenly cut off, but every version I found had the same length.)

The first section of links relate to various intersex conditions that interested me in terms of relevance to the MTF transsexual experience.  The second section relates to admittedly drier scientific articles discussing brain studies and how various tests and measurements show that the brains of MTF transsexuals are closer to the female normative than the male normative.

Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth. – John 17:17

God bless,