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I know that I promised a different subject for my next post, but I just came back from a TDOR service and I am in no mood to write about anything else.

Less than two weeks ago when I went to the official TDOR website to research my post, I counted 44 names.  But I also mentioned that many murders are not reported at all and that many new names for the previous year were recently discovered.

Yet even I was shocked at the thickness of the program that was handed to me. About 250 incidents of murder were posted, and some of them were reports of multiple murders associated with that incident.  There was one incident where 8 transgender women were murdered and another with 4 who were murdered.

Another thing that I was remiss in failing to mention previously: so many of the victims are nameless.  About one third of the victims are unidentified.  Even allowing for the fact that there may have been legitimate reasons to withhold names in some cases, I suspect that in many cases the authorities in that part of the world just don’t care.  Not only are we viewed as second and third class citizens, the same attitude also means that solving the murder and finding the murderer is not important.

I can only hope that the increased number is due to more diligent reporting and fact gathering rather than an increase in violence against our community.  In the end, it matters little to the victim and the people who cared about that person. What matters most to them (and should matter to all people) is that the life of a human being has been cut short by hatred and ignorance.

Last year I managed to keep my composure somehow.  This year the sheer magnitude of the numbers brought weeping to my eyes.  I don’t know how I could have borne it had the causes of death been read.  But with that many incidents there was simply no time to read more than name and location.

There was one personal bright spot for me.  Attending with me was a dear, supportive Christian friend.  She is the last person I could conceive of doing harm to someone else.  But now she has a little bit more of the facts.  And now she has a little more information that might influence another person who is unsure of his or her opinion about our community.  All we can try to do is reach people one at a time.  Gandhi and Martin Luther King changed the world with non-violent protest.  I pray to God that we can, too.

yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. – John 16:2b

LORD, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked triumph? – Psalm 94:3