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It was an interesting day today.

It started at the Social Security office.  I got the gender marker changed on my Social Security records.  The clerk asked for my medical records.  I had to tell him that the law changed and it was no longer required.  It took him 5 minutes to talk with a supervisor and confirm that I knew what I was talking about.

It reminded me of the time I joined two other people from my high school (two Harvard dropouts inviting me, the Cornell grad), who were in the process of taking control of a local post office.  One of us had risen to Assistant Postmaster already. (I had just started there, so it wasn’t me.)

My friends explained to me that if you knew the changes in post office practice over the years you would also know when almost every employee began to work there. Apparently, each one was commendable in learning their job when they were hired. Then no matter what changes were made, they continued to do their jobs exactly the same way they learned initially.

Once I accomplished my purpose at Social Security, I went to the bank.  It took me twenty minutes to deposit a $6 check.  Back in May 2011, I rented a car from Avis at the San Francisco Airport. Someone filed a class action suit. The check represented my share of the settlement.  I was still in male mode in May 2011.  The name on the check was my old, no longer legal, name.  A branch officer, a very nice and attractive young lady had to call someone at HQ to find out exactly how I needed to endorse the check.

After I received the information, I asked the branch officer what would have happened had I merely signed my old name, wrote “Pay to the order of Lois Simmons” and then signed my new name.  She said that there was a possibility that the check might have been returned, even for such a small amount.

After lunch, I went to my appointment with my hair stylist – early for a change. I will have to schedule other appointments before I get my hair done from now on.  I now have my “bob” back.  I think I look best with it, but my Hungarian hair has a natural wave to it and it doesn’t last long.

We are having the holiday party in my apartment building tomorrow and this is the first time I have attended as Lois.  With the dress I have picked out, my hair styled and plenty of time to work on my makeup, there will be no doubt in the mind of anyone there as to which side of the gender divide I stand!

Soon, I will be posting a follow up to my “Acceptance and Rejection – personal” post.

God bless,