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One link that appears to be dead was removed.

A link to an article on chimerism in humans has been added.  Since chimerism is the condition in which one person is born with cells from two different zygotes, it is a possible cause of transsexual or intersex conditions in the body.  There were cases in the news in 1998 and 2002 where standard DNA testing disproved that women (Karen Keegan and Lydia Fairchild, respectively) were disproven as the mother of their own children.  A growing awareness of the frequency of chimera is calling into question the accuracy of DNA testing to prove the guilt or innocence of a criminal suspect.

In my blog post in mid-December, “Playing God and the tale of two magicians”, I discuss how a massive transfusion of someone else’s blood system made Jim Munroe Intersex.  In fact, his particular form of Intersex is chimeric.

I have also added a link to the photos on my Flickr page.