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The following have been added to my Links page:

Additional studies that show a relationship between brain structure or composition and gender identity:






Case study that verifies the existence of XY normative women who have been able to give birth through one or more unassisted pregnancies:



More and more evidence continues to become known that at birth some people do not fit into distinctly different male and female boxes.  When you put these studies together, this is what is significant:

  • In addition to the visible physical differentiation between men and women, there are also brain differences between male and female.
  • The brain and genitals both differentiate in response to hormones.
  • The brain and the genitals differentiate at different points in the gestation process.
  • Therefore, while in the vast majority of cases the brain and the genitalia differentiate in the same direction, there is no guarantee that it has to happen that way. For example if fetal testosterone levels are high during genital differentiation but low during brain differentiation, a person could be born with a male body and a female gender identity.
  • There are a variety of rare conditions that can lead to Intersex and/or Transsex conditions. Therefore, there is no one physical determinant that is 100% accurate in assessing gender identity.  Chromosomes are not always an accurate indicator.  Genitalia is not always an accurate indicator.

Thank you to one of my trans-Christian friends who provided these links.  I wish I could credit her by name, but she lives in a part of the country hostile to transgender people, plus she has other reasons to remain in stealth at this time.

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